Service Questions

Do you provide transfers only between Bangkok and Hua Hin or to other locations too?

Basically, we can arrange transportation from Bangkok to other locations in Thailand. Just let us know where you wish to go and we will give you a quote.

Can I get discount if I book round trip?

We do have discounted rates for round trip transfer *Conditions are as specified by the company “1 review” redeem 100 baht discount for booking round trips.

How do I write a review when I haven't done anything?

Befoer Return to Bangkok, customer can write and take a screenshot to us. “1 review” redeem 100 baht discount for booking round trips.

How long in advance should I book?

It is completely depend on your decision. However, if you have made your reservation at least 24-48 hours prior to your pick up time would be great (especially during Thai public holidays).

How do I meet with your driver and how do I recognize him?

Once your booking confirmed, if you booking a transfer from the airport. You will be provided full instructions on how to meet the driver. He will be waiting for you at the meeting point holding the Sign with Your Name on it.

If you are traveling from hotel or condominium then our driver will meet you at the lobby. When the driver arrives he will contact your hotel’s reception desk and local staff can assist you to meet him.

If you are staying at the villa inside the gated compound, please make sure to provide us with your villa/house number and our driver will meet you in front of the house.

What is average travelling duration from Bangkok to Hua Hin?

At least 3 hours 45 minutes. It can take some extra time (30-60 minutes) if you travel in the evening during traffic peak hours ( 5-7 pm.). Also, it can be busy on the highway on Friday and Sunday evening.

Please be informed that during long public holidays ( Songkran or New Year) the traveling time between Bangkok and Hua Hin can take extra 2-3 hours. Please choose to pick up time accordingly or ask our advice if you have to travel to the airport these days.

How many hours prior my flight departure should I depart from Hua Hin?

Usually, we recommend leaving Hua Hin at least 4 hours prior to your flight departure. On Sunday evening, public holiday or Songkran and New Year period better to leave 5-6 hours at least prior.

Will driver wait for me during the process of immigration and collect luggage?

Take your time, this is not an issue. The driver will wait for you as long as it needed.

communicate a disclaimer or notice regarding damaged or lost luggage or baggage?

Here’s a revised version of your statement to make it clearer : “Please be advised that in the event your luggage or baggage is broken, damaged, or lost, our company may not be held responsible for the item, except when it is dropped in front of our driver. If such an incident occurs, please notify the driver or our company immediately.” This statement makes it clear that the company is not responsible for damaged or lost items, except in cases where it’s the driver’s responsibility. It also emphasizes the importance of immediate notification in case of an issue.

If I want to have lunch before travelling to Hua Hin after the airport, can your driver wait for me?

We can drop you by the restaurant, please let us know about your plans when you make the reservation and we will instruct our driver accordingly. However there is an additional charge for waiting 300-1000 THB per 1.30 -2.00 hour.

What if my flight delayed or cancelled?

Usually our drivers are monitor flight details online and we always know if your flight is delayed.

But if you have an opportunity to report to us by email about changing your arrival time, we will thankful for this. Please make sure to inform us in case your flight is canceled or your flight number is changed.

We want to visit some place for sightseeing on the way, is it possible to arrange and how much does it cost extra?

It can be arranged. The extra charge is depending on the destination (waiting time up to 1.30-2.00 hour. extra 300-1000 THB. per stop). Please make sure to inform us in advance about your intention and we will instruct our driver accordingly.

Can I use your service if there is dog/cat travelling with me?

Yes, but there is an extra charge for this (THB 500), and your dog/cat is properly locked inside a travel crate or bag.

What kind of tours do you provide?

These are individual tours where you are free to choose by yourself where you want to go and place to visit.

Are there guide tours?

No, basically we provide only transportation service for you according to your itinerary.

Can you propose itinerary for the tour?

Yes, you can check at Excursion and choose anything you like.

Will we have enough time to visit the entire place from your itinerary?

In some cases, you may not have enough time to visit all the places on your list in a single trip. So you will have to decide which places are of the highest priority for you and how much time you should spend each time.

Can I choose my own itinerary?

Sure, you can send us your plan and we will give you a quote.